{ DIY Crafts } – Mason Jar Car Air Fresheners

With the weather turning warm our cars can get pretty hot sitting out in the summer sun. I found this neat little car air freshener a few years ago on Facebook that works wonders in the summer. It’s called a mason jar wax melts car air freshener and you don’t need much to make one. All you need for this project is a 4oz mason jar and wax melts. You will need to have some kind of tool to poke holes into the top of the mason jar lid. I had a co-worker do it for me with an ice pick so please use caution with whatever tool you decide to use. If you want to spend a little bit more money you can also buy decorative mason jar lids that have pre-made holes or ones without that gave designs. I even save more money making one lately and instead buying wax melts I use leftover candle wax from candles that you can’t light anymore. After you are all done creating your very own version just place it in your car and as the summer sun heats up your car the wax will melt in the jar and create an amazing aroma of your choice! I love this little project for my car and the different smells I can make. I’ve added a few links below to give you some options and ideas of what to use, but you can make one unique just for you.

Amazon Idea Links:
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